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What is personalised nutrition?

Let’s get sciency here.

Personalised nutrition (such as personalised protein powders) entails tailoring dietary advice and supplements to a person’s specific needs to enhance their health.

Dietary suggestions might be adjusted based on the client’s eating habits and weight, their cholesterol levels and personal DNA.

Individualised nutritional guidance isn’t new- dietitians have been offering customised health advice for ages. What’s new is the increased popularity of cutting-edge technologies, apps, and wearable gadgets that allow for detailed monitoring of one’s health. This knowledge may be used by health experts to provide personalised advice for many clients of different backgrounds and health goals.

Why is personalised nutrition effective?

Simply put, it is because what and how we eat is highly personal, individual, and complicated. Each person’s body is unique and reacts to various nutrient blends in different ways- some positive, sometimes negative.

Therefore, a “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrient intake doesn’t work. It’s complex and tailored. While there are only three main macronutrients needed for our bodies to live healthily, they can be combined in various ways or consumed individually to help a person’s athletic goals and functionality.

Making personalised protein & nutrition available for all

Every health journey is different. Your nutrient intake should be personal too.

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Whatever your health aspirations and dietary goals, know that we can make it happen.

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